The Spanish Call Of Aaron Judge’s Redonkulous Home Run Derby Barrage Is Absolutely Tremendous

spanish announcers call aaron judge home run derby

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If you watched Monday night’s Home Run Derby and spent any time on social media during the event you learned a few things:

(1) People really love Clay Bellinger’s mom.

(2) New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge hits a baseball really, really hard and really, really far.

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And (3) a whole lot of people were very upset with Olympic softball gold medalist Jessica Mendoza’s calling of the Derby for ESPN.

Like really, really upset…

(Me? I was just super happy that Chris Berman was not back, back, back so literally any other voice in the booth for ESPN was fine with me.)

Some people even switched over to the Spanish announcers’ feed over on ESPN 2 and ESPN Deportes…

Turns out that they were well rewarded because, as usual, the Spanish announcers and broadcaster Ernesto Jerez in particular, killed it.

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