Spanish Announcers Outrageous Call Of Jets’ Game-Winning TD Will Make You Rethink The Way You Watch The NFL (VIDEO)

Spanish announcers Jets-Patriots TD call


The Jets took down the Patriots in dramatic fashion late Sunday afternoon, pulling off the huge win in overtime after the Pats elected to take a knee to end the 4th, and then strangely opted to kick instead of receive despite the fact their quarterback is still 4-TIME SUPER BOWL CHAMPION, TOM BRADY. Bizarre sequence, no doubt.

If the blistering finish for everyone outside of New England wasn’t beautiful enough, check out this call from the Spanish announcers at ESPN Deportes following Ryan Fitzpatrick’s perfect pass to Eric Decker.


I could listen to this all, day, long. And yes, Jim Nantz and Phil Simms have officially been replaced as the Super Bowl broadcasting duo; at least in my house they have.

As For The Win points out, it’s nice to see football fans finally embracing what fútbol fans have known for decades: Spanish announcers leave it all in the announcing booth and my god is it a glorious work of art.

There’s also this masterpiece, which is included to serve as an inspiring tune-up for Simms and Nantz. Would it kill ya’ to show a little life like this, fellas?



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