Sports Gambler Who Lost So Much Money On One Bet Today Is The Single Reason Why I Don’t Gamble


Sports gambling is fun, they say. You can win lots of money, they say. Well, sure, but you can lose a sh*t ton of money, too, and, for one super unlucky sports gambler today, he’s probably regretting dropping $330,000 on the Atlanta Falcons to beat the Baltimore Ravens today — because, well, the Falcons lost, and this guy is out a ton of cash because of it.

According to Total Pro Sports, some dude with extremely big sports gambling balls, or something like that, waltzed right into the MGM Sportsbooks and bet on the Atlanta Falcons -2.5 vs. the Baltimore Ravens. Per Patrick Everson of’s Twitter, the $330,000 bet was the largest wager of the season on an NFL side.

I’m not sure what prompted the guy to go so big, but, considering the Baltimore Ravens were starting rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson — not Super Bowl-winning signal-caller Joe Flacco — he sure seemed confident that the Atlanta Falcons would come out victorious. Too bad for the sports gambler, because that wasn’t the case, as Jackson combined for 200 total yards and one touchdown in guiding his team to a road victory, 26-16. I would have loved and hated to be around the guy who made this bet as the game’s outcome was all but finalized — it had to be pretty ugly.

$330,000 is a sh*t ton of cash, and something that would take years for most of us to earn in a combined salary, so, clearly, (or, hopefully), this sports gambler was a shark who didn’t just send himself into bankruptcy in a matter of 3.5 hours by risking everything he had.

Hey, when it comes to sports gambling, you win some, you lose some — but, damn, this isn’t an L anyone should ever have to endure, ’cause it just seems cruel. And this, right here, is the reason why I’d rather waste my money at the bar on the weekend than try my lucky gambling on sports. Life just ain’t fair sometimes, bros.

(H/T Total Pro Sports)

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