The NFL Fined Stedman Bailey For The Most Harmless Touchdown Celebration In History

Man, what happened to the good, ol’ NFL that I remember when I was a kid. You know, the days where players were actually able to celebrate with their teammates after a big play or touchdown, showing fans that they had fun while playing football?

Ever since that assclown Roger Goodell has taken over running things, though, things have been on lockdown, as he’s enforced a more strict league that doesn’t allow the players to actually, you know, show their personalities and creativity too often.

And St. Louis Rams wide receiver Stedman Bailey was just reminded of that.

Following a touchdown grab against the Arizona Cardinals this past weekend, Bailey pulled the single-most unthreatening and subdued celebration in sports history, acting as if he were taking a nap by using the football as a pillow. It was so calm that, no joke, after watching it in replays, I actually thought the dude was hurt and just staying down.


Since the NFL sucks serious balls and likes to punish their players for, “showing up the opposition,” Stedman Bailey was fined $8,681 by the league, reminding us all that it’s actually possible to hate the player and not the game.

As you might expect, Stedman wasn’t too thrilled with the decision handed down, tweeting out this, which has since been deleted:

Ahhhhhh #NFL Fines suck!!!!! I meant no harm by what I did… Smh — STEDMAN BAILEY SR (@iamSB3) October 7, 2015

The dude was even so pissed off that he also tweeted about starting a GoFundMe page for people to help him pay the league for the dumbest fine ever, but was quick to delete this from social media, too:

How u sign up for go fund me? Lol this is bogus man! — STEDMAN BAILEY SR (@iamSB3) October 7, 2015

Stedman’s making $600,000 this season, so he should be able to handle the fine. Still, paying $8,700 for a nap is one hefty tab—and it didn’t even end with him waking up next to a hot chick or anything. Screw you, NFL!

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