Steelers RB Najee Harris Is Up To 244 Pounds And His Terrifyingly Strong Legs Look Like Tree Trunks

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  • As the 2022 season quickly approaches, Najee Harris is in full-on Beastmode.
  • The second-year back has put on a lot of weight during the offseason and looks like he is going to be a problem in the AFC North.
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Najee Harris has never been labeled a “small back” in his life. But the 24-year-old running back looks bigger and stronger than ever entering 2022.

As the Steelers turn a new chapter at quarterback without Ben Roethlisberger, there is sure to be an even greater reliance on the former Alabama running back. In turn, he spent his offseason putting in that extra work and the results would show that it paid off.

Last season, Harris said that he entered the summer at about 240 pounds. He was then listed at 232 during the season.

This year, Harris recently shared with the media that he is up to 244 pounds at 6-foot-1 (and some change). As a result, he has already received comparisons to the likes of Derrick Henry— who is 6-foot-3, 247 pounds. They are both basically the same weight, but Henry has an inch or two on Harris. That’s crazy.

Although Harris is around the same weight that he was at this time last year, it doesn’t look it. His lower body is insanely strong and he looks way bigger than he did in all of 2021.

Najee Harris’ quad and thigh muscles make his terrifyingly strong legs look like tree trunks.

Opposing defenses are going to have nightmares about facing him.

He is a monster and showed up in a visor that reads “BeastMode” so you know he is ready to work!

Although Harris’ running style has more finesse than a true ground-and-pound runner, it is hard to imagine a world in which it is easy to bring him down.

If the Steelers’ offensive line can give Harris more to work with this fall, he could improve on an already-impressive 2021 and quickly become one of the league’s top backs.