Steph Curry Is A Fan Of The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Recent Struggles

The Cleveland Cavaliers are struggling pretty badly right noW. The team has lost five out of their last seven games and is imploding internally.

Here are LeBron’s comments after the team’s recent loss to the Chicago Bulls.


We’re just in a bad spot right now. Not disappointed with the effort. We’re just in a bad spot,” James said after the Cavs’ fifth loss in their past seven games. “We’re going to try to figure it out. … I think the effort was there. I just don’t think the concentration for as close to 48 minutes is there yet. Which is unfortunate.”

While LeBron isn’t happy about the Cavs performance, Steph Curry seems to be enjoying watching his rival struggle.

Here’s a screenshot of Curry liking an Instagram post from Bleacher Report that features a quote from LeBron James about the Cavs “being in a bad spot”.

Hopefully both teams match up against each other in the finals again this year because this is easily the best rivalry in sports right now.