Steph Curry Surprised Some Kids At A Basketball Camp And Their Reactions Were Hysterical

steph curry surprises basketball campers

Golden State Warriors, Twitter

Steph Curry might still be a little down after the Cavs’ epic come-from-behind series win in the NBA Finals, but that didn’t stop him from making some kids’ days at a basketball camp.

Of course Curry could also have actually been in a pretty good mood since, you know, the Warriors now have Kevin Durant on their roster.

Posing as a person selling girl scout cookies and delivering pizza Curry knocked on the doors of some kids at a Warriors basketball camp in Hawaii. Needless to say, he blew their minds when they opened the door and saw the two-time MVP standing there.

One kid even flat-out fainted (not really, but it was the perfect fake reaction to opening your door and seeing Steph Curry looking back at you).

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