Stephanie McMahon Discusses The Moment She Realized Wrestling Wasn’t Real And It Actually Sounds Pretty Damn Terrifying

Stephanie McMahon


If you were hoping Jericho would call Stephanie McMahon a filthy, dirty, disgusting, brutal, bottom-feeding trash bag ho last night, well, he did but in the friendliest way possible. Sure, “Live With Chris Jericho” may not have been the most hard-hitting interview, but it did feature “The Vincess” without her heel-hat on and as a real person, which was cool too.

Covering all her bases, Steph touched on her childhood, personal life, and of course, future plans for the WWE as The Chief Branding Officer and ultimate heiress. Here are the highlights.

Stephanie McMahon on Live With Chris Jericho

The interview opened with Jericho and Stephanie McMahon talking about the company party she was coming from. After ribbing her slightly for not inviting him, they got nostalgic about past company Christmas celebrations. He mentioned expecting a bonus and instead getting a “plastic hardcore Santa statue.” Steph responded saying that she loved those, proving that even as a kid she had a lot of corporate influence.

Stephanie McMahon on traveling…

When Jericho asked about her recent trip to China, Stephanie countered saying she went to Singapore as well. She was there not only on behalf of the WWE but also as a part of the Eisenhower Fellowship. Steph goes on to explain this and it seems like a good thing, but it made me finally understand how it feels to be a dude on a date with a girl who wont stop talking about volunteering.

Stephanie McMahon on being the boss’s daughter…

She started working for the company at 14 answering phones and has since interned in every department. One of her earliest accomplishments was damage control about Santa being real after a Bobby Heenan said otherwise on a show. Mick Foley would be proud.

Jericho asks what most of us have wondered — what’s it like working for your dad? Stephanie responded, saying the hard part isn’t working for her father; the hard part is working for Vince McMahon. In a more than diplomatic way, in a loving daughter way she recognizes that he is a piece of work (“exceptionally driven and passionate,” and standing right there). But she also works for Vince and if anyone is going to be as hard on his children as his employees, it’s that guy. Somewhat acknowledging that, Jericho agreed saying “I feel like he’s my dad sometimes.”

Stephanie is turning into her father and knows it. Jericho points this out in regards to her performance style and in-ring persona. Everyone in her family knows she’s her father’s daughter — her brother Shane is the one who started calling her “The Vincess.”

Stephanie McMahon and the wrestlers…

When she was a kid she asked Mr. T for one autograph and he signed everything she had in the house. Steph notes that her daughters came home after meeting Mr. T decades later, again, with all of their belongings autographed. So this is a thing. She was also a huge fan of The Killer Bees, but really, who wasn’t?

Steph had a special childhood bond with Andre The Giant because people treated him differently and she sympathized with him on that level. She was even photographed with him for People Magazine after WrestleMania 1, but not named in the picture.

The moment she realized wrestling wasn’t real…

Stephanie first realized wrestling might not be real around age 3 when she met George The Animal Steele at a show in full gimmick and screamed for her life. Her dad, who was normally her protector, reacted by laughing at the wrestler and from that point she knew something was up.

On marrying Triple H and family…

She was forbidden from dating wrestlers, but her dad always said she should date someone like Triple H. Once they stared dated, Vince revoked his disapproval, so it’s not technically an arranged marriage.

Steph says she’s known for being one of the hardest slappers in the biz, which Triple H seems like he’d totally be into, but I digress. The hardest slap she’s thrown was at WrestleMania this year with The Rock, she recalls. The hardest emotionally for her was when she slapped her mom, but luckily Linda loved it. A family that sells together stays together.

On her family getting into the business…

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H’s eldest daughter have already trained with Nattie. At 8-years-old, she’s obviously a heel prodigy.

Jericho credits Stephanie and his feud with her as what really got him over as a WWE Superstar. Recalling everything that Steph and Vince were cool with reminds us that the McMahons love being natural heels. You’ve gotta give a girl some credit for getting an eye infection from getting tossed in a pool of pudding people had their feet in all day, all in the name of Vicky Guerrero.

Her favorite match was this past Summerslam against Brie, because her daughters were old enough to watch and chant, “You still got it.” Even if they didn’t know what that meant.

One thing piece of advice her dad always gave her about life and wrestling is that not everyone is going to like you. And that, my friends, explains everything.

Stephanie McMahon on the future and her possible match against Ronda Rousey…

When asked about future feuding Ronda Rousey, Stephanie was just tight lipped enough to give us hope. There’s gotta be more where that came from.

Well what about building your own Ronda? Stephanie spoke about the #GiveDivasAChance social media trend with the kind of care reserved for politicians and corporate giants. She framed is as an organic movement from fans in response to a specific RAW match. To Jericho’s credit, he did ask about AJ Lee’s influence on that campaign. During this time, AJ had responded to a tweet from Stephanie about equal pay being brought up at the Oscars. Since AJ Lee did not use the #GiveDivasAChance hashtag, this was framed as more of a coincidence, though it’s hard to believe that AJ fans involved in the movement weren’t inspired by that interaction as well.

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