Stephen A Smith Calls Kyrie Irving One Of The Most Delusional Athletes In American History


Getty Image / Maddie Meyer

  • Stephen A Smith talked about Kyrie Irving’s twitter rant today on First Take
  • He called Kyrie one of the most delusional athletes in American history
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In the few days since the Brooklyn Nets were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs, discussions of the team’s failures have centered around Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

KD’s reaction to the conversation was to point out the somewhat similar shortcomings of Charles Barkley’s career. Kyrie Irving has taken a slightly different approach.

Kyrie decided to go on a series of Twitter rants about the way he and others are portrayed by the media and something about puppet masters.

It should come as no surprise that Stephen A Smith, who has been very critical of Kyrie Irving recently, had a lot to say about to say about the point guard’s social media posts. He went on a long rant on this morning’s “First Take” in which he called Kyrie “one of the most delusional athletes in American history”.

It’s easy to see why Stephen A would have some strong feelings about Kyrie’s take here. The reality of the matter is Kyrie made a decision and that decision hurt his team. There’s no way around it.

He even came out the other day and said the Celtics have been gelling since Christmas. Kyrie Irving wasn’t playing basketball at Christmas. Now he just has to deal with the fallout from that.