Stephen A. Smith Eviscerates Kevin Durant For Acting Tough To A Reporter But Not To Draymond Green

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Stephen A. Smith can be ruthless when it comes to giving his opinions about all the stuff that happens in sports on the reg. In fact, as we all know too well, he can be straight-up annoying AF, often screaming and acting as if he’s the only person in the world who knows a damn thing about sports. Hey, it’s part of the reason why he’s good at what he does though, right?

Anyway, Stephen A. offered up a hot take this morning about the whole Kevin Durant-Draymond Green feud, even going as far as tearing KD a new one by calling him out about his tough guy act when a reporter asked the All-Star about Green.

For a little reference, following last night’s loss to the Houston Rockets, Durant was asked by a reporter about Dray, with his reaction and response being, well, less than thrilling.

Although nobody knows for sure what happened between KD and Green, it’s reported that the malcontent Draymond called Durant a “bitch” during their little quarrel earlier this week, which has left everyone wondering if this type of thing’s going to tear the back-to-back champs apart at all. While that’s debatable — but, personally, not something I foresee happening — it’s definitely possible.

Back to Stephen A. Smith, though, who saw Durant’s response to the reporter last night and was fuming about it. No, seriously, Smith was having none of the BS that Kevin Durant was showing, basically calling him out for acting like a tough guy to the reporter but not saying a damn thing to Draymond Green in the heat of the moment. Take a look at Stephen A.’s rant this morning on First Take — with Smith’s criticism at the 1:55 mark of the video.

To paraphrase Smith, here’s what he had to say, per Total Pro Sports:

“Oh, by the way, you got nothing to say to Draymond, but you’re going to go at a REPORTER, and you’re going to sit up there and say…see, this is moments like this where I really, really miss being a reporter. Could you imagine if he sat up there? ‘You’re going to tell ME how to do MY JOB? I understand you not commenting, I can understand you saying ‘No comment,’ I can understand you saying you’re not going to talk about that no more, but you’re going to look a reporter right in the face and tell him ‘Don’t ask me again,’ like you’re going to DO SOMETHING if he did ask you?”

“Ooooh, ooooh, it’s moments like that where I really, really really miss being THAT GUY, being that reporter. Can you IMAGINE? You’re going to DARE me to ask you? I’d have shut everybody down and asked THE SAME QUESTION, over and over and over again. Like, what do you think you’re going to do if I ask you? You don’t have to answer, but you’re going to TELL ME what to ask? So in other words, you’re on the bench, and you’re upset because of Draymond, you didn’t go hard at Draymond, but you’re going to go hard at A REPORTER?”

“Ooooh, ooooh, you know what, go ahead, Max. I’m just going to drink my tea. I didn’t, I didn’t even have time to drink my tea yet. That’s how bad it’s been. Oh, by the way, I didn’t even mention the flat I had on the way to the office.”

Stephen A. Smith might be a screaming maniac a lot of times, but, in this instance, he does have a good point. Kevin Durant might’ve acted hard to this reporter, and other journalists before, but we all know he’s pretty insecure in moments like this. Hey, sometimes it just takes guys to call it like they see it.

(H/T Total Pro Sports)

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