Stephen A. Smith Is OF COURSE Already Talking About Kyrie Irving Reuniting With LeBron James On The Lakers

stephen a smith


Stephen A. Smith is really good at his job, and, unfortunately, a big part of his job is being one of the most obnoxious people to ever talk about sports. Turn on your TV at any point that the ESPN personality is on, and you might quickly find yourself reaching for the remote to turn down the volume. Yeah, that’s how annoying Stephen A. is.

But, because he gets paid the big bucks to ruffle some feathers and create opinions, Stephen A. Smith had a hot take today that should actually just piss people off. That’s because, according to his sources, Smith said that he could see Kyrie Irving reuniting with LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason when Irving becomes a free agent.

Talking today on ESPN’s First Take, here’s what Stephen A. Smith had to say about what he’s allegedly heard from people in the know, which came in the form of a text message he showed on air that read, “Wow, I guess it makes it a bit easier for him to come to LA now.” Take a look below.

To paraphrase Stephen A. Smith, here’s what he said earlier about what he thinks and/or has allegedly heard.

“And so now we have a situation where I know nothing about this. I haven’t asked. I’m just referring to a text I received last night. I will never say who it is. Never. But it says, ‘Hey, a bit easier to come to LA now.’ And you have people in the NBA that are now believing if indeed the Boston Celtics, loaded with talent, Danny Ainge being the genius that he is as an executive, knowing that he has enough talent not to stick with Kyrie … All of the sudden there’s another guy that’s gonna be on the free agent market this summer. It’s gonna be Kyrie Irving.”

Uh, WTF? In his own words, I’ll just leave this here for Stephen A.

The text Smith showed from an anonymous source on First Take was probably made in jest, but, well, Stephen A. has no time for jokes when it comes to his job, apparently. And, even though Kyrie Irving did call LeBron James recently to apologize to him about how leading young players isn’t easy, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve both forgiven and forgotten the power struggle that happened while both on the Cleveland Cavs together. In my opinion, unless it’s on an All-Star Game, LeBron and Ky aren’t playing together ever again.

Then again, many didn’t think James would ever forgive Cavs owner Dan Gilbert after the scathing letter the owner wrote in 2010 after the player took his talents to South Beach, but he seemed to — as LeBron played four more years with the franchise, leading them to a title in 2016 and four-straight NBA Finals appearances. So, who knows, if it makes basketball sense, maybe LeBron and Kyrie can pair up again, too?

All that said, I’m not putting money on that actually happening, and just think this is a case of Stephen A. Smith being Stephen A. Smith. The guy is a master troll, bros.

(H/T FTW.USAToday)