Stephen A. Smith Goes On Epic Rant About The Lakers: ‘Everywhere You Turn Shows Ineptitude’

Stephen A. Smith Eviscerates The Lakers From Top To Bottom

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  • Stephen A. Smith went on an all-time rant about the state of the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Smith tore the franchise to shreds from top to bottom.
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The Los Angeles Lakers are a bad basketball team, one might call them an embarrassment, plenty of people certainly have this season.

A team with LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Anthony Davis – albeit he’s battled injuries – could very well miss out on the playoffs. Heading into Tuesday’s game against the Suns, Los Angeles has lost six straight games and with a loss to Phoenix and a San Antonio win over Denver on Tuesday, the Lakers will miss out on the postseason.

Stephen A. Smith has simply seen enough.

During ESPN’s pregame show on Tuesday night, the panel wondered what this team would have been like if they were healthy all season. Smith doesn’t think the team’s health has anything to do with their struggles, he still thinks they’d only be a .500 team.

Stephen A. went on quite an epic rant about the state of the Lakers.

“The Lakers are a national basketball atrocity, let’s just call it what it is, they’re an atrocity,” Smith explained.

“It starts from the top down. It starts with Jeanie Bus allowing Linda Rambis to have power…In the middle of all of it is the culpability on the shoulder of LeBron James, not LeBron James the player, because he’s balled out, but LeBron James the GM.”

“You settled for Frank Vogel, let Jason Kidd go to Dallas and now he’s a coach of the year candidate. Everywhere you turn shows ineptitude, shows inefficiency, shows an embarrassment of arrogance that is undeniable.”