Stephen A. Smith Loses It On Max Kellerman After He Argues Trae Young’s Ceiling Is Higher Than Steph Curry’s

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  • Max Kellerman got under Stephen A. Smith’s skin during Thursday’s edition of ‘First Take’, which led to a great back-and-forth.
  • Smith wasn’t on board with what Kellerman was saying about Trae Young.
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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman are literally paid to disagree with one another five days a week on ‘First Take.’ Every single person that tunes in to the show knows this, but they keep on coming back because more often than not the discussions are entertaining, and every so often Stephen A. will take things to another level when bickering with Kellerman.

That’s what happened during Thursday’s edition of the show when Kellerman proclaimed that Trae Young’s ceiling is higher than Steph Curry’s. Not only did he make that argument, but he bad-mouthed Curry in the process.

Smith immediately hit him with head shakes and eye rolls before delivering an all-time great line.

“You do have this knack for just annoying the living hell out of me,” Smith told Kellerman. “To the point where I’m really going to have a conversation with the bosses about I think I need to get paid more for having to talk basketball with you.”

As for Kellerman’s actual argument, it’s certainly not the dumbest thing to ever come out of the man’s mouth, but there’s no denying there is some recency bias involved.

Young has been an absolute animal during the postseason averaging over 30 points per game and put the Hawks on his back during Atlanta’s Game 1 win in the Eastern Conference Finals. As an undersized, flashy guard Young will always be compared to Curry, but Kellerman essentially going after Curry for no good reason felt like some fabricated producer topic.

It’ll be interesting to see Kellerman’s reaction if Young goes off again in Game 2 against the Bucks.