Stephen A. Smith Takes A Side In Beef Between Skip Bayless And Shannon Sharpe

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Stephen A. Smith may very well be the biggest name in sports media today.

Close behind, however, is Skip Bayless.

Smith and Bayless rose to fame alongside one another as the co-hosts of ESPN morning show First Take.

They then split up when Bayless to his talents over to Fox Sports 1 and became the host of the network’s morning show, Undisputed.

Shortly thereafter, Bayless teamed up with Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe and the two have worked together for the last seven years.

But now that’s no more.

News broke early this week that Sharpe was leaving both the show and the network, surprising fans everywhere. Many fans believed Sharpe decided to leave due to Bayless’ often prickly personality, an assumption that Sharpe seemed to later back up on social media.

But what does Smith thing of all the noise?

The ESPN superstar had previously called Bayless his “brother from another mother” and the two had contemplated reuniting at some point.

Now that seems a little more unlikely.

Smith went on YouTube on Friday and discussed his willingness to work with Sharpe.

“Shannon Sharpe, is leaving FS1,” Smith began. “…There were two things that came to my mind. ‘That’s a big loss for the show Undisputed.” Because Shannon matters.  And that ‘I don’t know what his plans are.’

“…But if Shannon Sharpe needs me, I’m happy to be here for him. And if that included him wanting to come on First Take, the bosses at ESPN know that is something I would support. ”

Smith didn’t address Bayless specifically. But as far as endorsements go, that’s pretty ringing one.

As for what happens next with Undisputed, it sure sounds like Bayless is going to have his pick of co-host. Whether that’s a good thing is yet to be seen.