Stephen Curry Told Reporters That He Rides In Ubers And Their Heads Just About Exploded

We all know that Golden State Warriors superstar and two-time reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry is having, arguably, the best year in basketball history, but could his success be attributed to keeping himself so grounded by being a normal person like you or me? Maybe.

Curry, who was doing his media availability leading up to the NBA Finals, was asked a question and, BOOM!, he mentioned that he rode in Uber yesterday.

The reactions were priceless, causing reporters to question the sheer existence of life following the news that the most lethal shooter the NBA has ever seen used the ride-sharing app—especially this guy.

Other reporters weighed in on Twitter, acting as if Steph had just announced some groundbreaking news that caused the earth to rotate in reverse.

On the contrary, Joe Vardon, who’s the beat writer for the Cleveland Cavs, reported that Curry’s fellow superstar, LeBron James, has used Uber too, but does not have the app on his phone.

All of a sudden, Uber Pool just got a lot more interesting, guys.

[H/T Complex]