Why Steve Kerr is George Costanza

Seinfeld has a great episode (The Bizarro Jerry) in which George Constanza uses a picture of an attractive woman to gain access to the “forbidden city.” He can do this because other women (and some men) see that by carrying around a personal picture of someone beautiful, he too is good enough for their secret world.

We are witnessing a sports equivalent to this right now. Steve Kerr, a seemingly likable guy and the other white dude Michael Jordan kicked it out to for three (John Paxson, duh) is apparently sought after by at least four teams to fill their head coaching vacancy. Why would a person who has never coached before at any level be wanted by a growing list of NBA franchises? Because he’s carrying around a picture of his own beautiful lady, Phil Jackson.

See, with Phil Jackson giving his stamp of approval and letting the world (and Carmelo at a candlelight dinner) know the Knicks want to hire Kerr, teams like the Warriors, Lakers and Jazz are also becoming interested. “If Phil wants him, he must be good!?”

Kerr may in fact be a good coach. Hell, he may be a great coach. But it’s hard to remember a hotter rookie-coaching candidate before. Just think back to Jason Kidd, one of best floor generals of all time. There was hardly this much heat on him; although it could be because he dresses up like a 13 year old on the final night of a 7 day cruise.

So as they say, it’s better to be lucky than be good. And it’s MUCH better to have a picture of a hot girl in your wallet. And there’s no hotter girl than the big Zen master himself.

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[Image via Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports]