Steve Nash Basically Thinks Steph Curry Is A God Amongst Basketball Gods

We’re only a mere 12 games into the NBA season and Steph Curry already has the entire league attentively sitting in the palm of his hand. And it’s no accident. It comes with great reason and astonishing footage.

The Golden State Warrior have become appointment-worthy viewing — regardless of the coast you reside on — even if you don’t give half a shit about NBA basketball. He’s seriously that much fun to watch.

Given the current craze, Tim Kawakami, a wildly popular reporter among Twitter poets, recently spoke to Steve Nash to get his take on Steph. And really, who better to ask than the Canadian magician, who more or less channeled the resilient spirit of Rocky* whenever he took the court?

“I wouldn’t compare him to Michael Jordan… But I would say Steph is turning into a historical category of his own, in a way. He’s in the prime of his career and will be for a few years and the way he’s improving and the level he’s playing at is … I think he’s unlike anyone else. His ability to make shots and still handle the playmaking duties is historic. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a player more skilled than him in the history of the game.”

So he’s not MJ, but he’s more skilled than any player in the history of the game? Got it. While I’m somewhat confused, Nash’s point remains well-taken. Because it’s fascinating to witness an already established player continue to reach finer heights, seemingly on a nightly basis.

The fact Nash added that Curry can “improve a lot” might be the scariest basketball-related statement since the 72-10 Chicago Bulls seized control of the world.

*Convincing evidence that Nash was, in fact, the NBA’s Rocky Balboa:

Steve Nash almost killed during NBA game

[H/T Complex]

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