This 6-Year-Old Surfing Prodigy From Hawaii Is Going To Be VERY Famous One Day

He’s now 6-years-old, but at the time this video was filmed of him shredding 8ft waves in Maui he was only 5. He’s practically an infant and he’s already charging waves 2.5x his height.

Steve Roberson is a 6-year-old surfing prodigy living in Hawaii, who along with his twin brothers has been coached by his father to surf since the age of 2. Obviously that coaching has paid off, as this kid absolutely dominates a wave most adult surfers wouldn’t even attempt.

I’d like us all to appreciate for one moment just how tiny he is in comparison to both the wave and the adult surfing it along side him:

Also, he hates sharks, tiger sharks specifically. The Independent UK reports:

And it seems that 8 ft waves and strong currents are not the only things that do not phase ‘Baby Steve.’

Sharks are another thing that Roberson, who recently turned six, laughs in the face of.

According to his father, while the two were surfing in the waters of Maui in October, they were confronted by a massive 14-foot Tiger Shark.

After Kaleo Robeson managed to fight off the predator by kicking and punching the shark in the nose, local news reporters asked the youngest Roberson what he thought of the incident.

He replied simply: “That shark was a poopy poo.”

A ‘poopy poo’?!?! The insult game is STRONG with this one.


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