Legendary Trash Talker Steve Smith, Sr. Fired Off One Last Shot In His ‘Resignation’ Letter To Roger Goodell


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You knew that Steve Smith, Sr. wouldn’t go quietly into that good night as he retired from the NFL.

After un-retiring following a devastating Achilles injury, Smith made a rather triumphant return to the Ravens in 2016. He put up numbers worthy of a player with his pedigree and as such was able to finally call it quits on his own terms.

Part of quitting on his own terms also naturally involves him doing a little trash talking, something Smith also excelled at during his entire 16-year career.



Needless to say, Smith couldn’t just submit any old ‘resignation’ letter to Roger Goodell, he had to throw a little shade into the mix as well.

It reads…

Dear Commissioner Goodell,

This is to notify you that as of today, I, Steve Smith Sr., will no longer be antagonizing defensive backs. I am retiring from the National Football League.


The NFL certainly won’t be the same with him.