Steve Smith Was Genuinely Pissed Over Michael Irvin Dogging His Pants On National Television

by 3 years ago

We’ve all been Steve Smith. We’ve all have that one article of clothing in our closets on the fringe of our comfort zones that we bought when we were feeling ourselves–after closing a big deal or getting a random text from a crush out of left field. After the high wears off, we tentatively rock the clothes to work, hoping for some genuine positive reinforcement from someone. And all it takes is someone, anyone to say “Hey nice pants dude. You take a trip to the toilet store yesterday?” And just like that, we throw those $60 pants in the ‘Probably Never Going to Wear’ pile with the signed Clay Aiken t-shirt we drunkenly purchased at his concert at the local county fair.

Steve Smith caught hell on national television from Michael Irvin and proved that even one of the greatest receivers of our time gets sensitive over trying something out.

Steve Smith don’t play. Steve Smith don’t play one bit.

[h/t The Big Lead]

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