Sting To Headline NBA All-Star Game Halftime Show In Toronto Because Drake Would’ve Made Too Much Sense

The NBA delivered some stirring news earlier this morning, announcing that Sting will perform the halftime show at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre for the NBA All-Star game on February 14.

Which begs an immediate and widespread question of, WHY?

Now when it comes to the Super Bowl halftime show I completely understand that the “broad appeal” factor is at the forefront, especially when consider five billion people watch the event.

But this is the NBA All-Star game. Wouldn’t it make sense to appeal to the fans who will actually be watching it? Because I can assure you no one other than NBA fans will be watching this game.

And when your key demographic is more familiar with Sting the wrestler than Sting, the 64-year-old musician from England, that’s probably the telltale sign to go in a different direction. Like DRAKE, who was born in Toronto and basically serves as the Raptors lead cheerleader.

Christ, even Jerry Stackhouse would’ve made for a better choice.

But any logical choices would’ve frankly been too… logical. And logic is a pretty feisty commodity to seize hold of in 2016.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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