Streaker Bolts Entire Length Of Soccer Field In Undies To Snap A Selfie With Goalie, Then Takes Dive, Naturally

This Ricky Gervais doppelganger has some jets. Look like this dude was shot out of a fucking cannon. Made it from end line to end line in five seconds even. Granted he ends up taking a dive, but that’s to be expected in a soccer match. His speed is only the second most impressive part of this video…

Take a look at those white boxer briefs. Not one skid mark. I wish mine would come out of the package with a small skid mark already on them so I don’t have the burden of preserving the impossible. This dude must be duct taping his asshole or something because in all my years of wearing tighty whities, a grand total of zero have made it out streakless. Impressive stuff.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 5.57.31 PM


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