Student, Professor, Alum In The NFL Rip LSU Over Lavish New Locker Room, QB Joe Burrow Fires Back

Student Professor Alum Rip LSU New Locker Room Joe Burrow Replies

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On Monday, some photos of the new $28 million upgrade to the LSU football locker room went viral on the internet.

As is the case with most big-time college football programs (see: Florida, Texas, etc.), LSU went above and beyond.

For instance, the new lockers can be turned into sleeping pods inspired by first-class airplane travel and are stocked with iPads and multiple charging ports for watching game film… in bed, basically.

Unfortunately for the football program, some people were not only unimpressed by the university spending $28 million on the football program, they were downright angry.

And by some people, I mean students, professors and at least one alumnus who currently plays in the NFL.

One LSU student, Cat McKinney, posted a couple of photos showing the stark comparison between the athletic facility and the school’s library.

Ummm… I’m just guessing here, but I bet fixing that wall and throwing some carpet down wouldn’t cost the university $28 million.

LSU Media & Public Affairs professor Robert Mann also was not impressed.

“Meanwhile, across campus, I vacuum my faculty office with a Dust Devil I bought at Walmart,” he tweeted. “But, please, Louisiana elected officials, continue to brag that Louisiana higher education is now ‘fully funded.’ By the way, the LSU custodial staff are amazing people and work hard, but they are stretched beyond their capacity to much more than empty the trash, clean the restrooms, mop the floors, etc.”

LSU alum and current Carolina Panthers defensive back Eric Reid also found the new locker room to be a bit much, especially considering the players don’t get paid for bringing in all the money that paid for it.

When his tweet was misinterpreted as either a slam against LSU or the Panthers, Reid clarified.

Then he went even further, explaining why he thought the new locker room is so wrong.

Current LSU quarterback, Joe Burrow, however, disagreed, firing back at professor Robert Mann’s tweet in a since-deleted tweet of his own.

Student Professor Alum Rip LSU New Locker Room Joe Burrow


That was a follow-up to earlier criticism he saw the program receiving.

Burrow also re-tweeted this…

Amateur athletics is so fun.