At The ‘Wrestling Fetish’ Gym Pippa The Ripper Chokes Out Dudes With Her Thighs In The Submission Room

Bros, I’ve found it, I’ve officially tracked town the weirdest gym in the world. Located in North London, the ‘Wrestling Fetish’ gym is run by a jacked chick who goes by the name ‘Pippa the Ripper’.

Not only is there a ‘submission room’ where dudes pay $$$ to get beat up by girls, but this remarkable gym is also named The Submission Room. You can see a full list of the girls/wrestlers HERE on their website, these are the women you can pay $$$ to pin you in the ring. They’ve got some pretty diesel names like Puma, Mystique, and KILLPUSSY.

Here’s a look at Pippa the Ripper, owner and proprietor of The Submission Room:

KILLPUSSY is 5’11”, she weighs 175 pounds, and she’ll charge you £150/hour to get into the ring. She’s available 7 days a week to whoop your ass, so booking times shouldn’t be a concern. It seems like £150 ($186) is the standard hourly rate for almost all of the chicks wrestling at The Submission Room gym.

According to the ladies, they win the matches more often than not. They say that there are some clients who want to win but for the most part, the men showing up are there to get their asses beat and pinned on the mat by these burly women.

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