Syracuse Bro Delivers Devastating KO To A Notre Dame Fan In MetLife Stadium Brawl



New Jersey’s Metlife Stadium doesn’t see a lot of college football action. On Saturday, however, Notre Dame and Syracuse (who maybe had the ugliest college football uniforms I’ve ever seen) played under the lights to a large tri-state crowd. Things in the cheap seats got testy between ‘Cuse Bros and Fighting Irish faithful, including this rumble with a one-punch knockout.

Based off how the Bro in the ‘Cuse hoops jersey is punching his way through the crowd, it looks like a bunch of Notre Dame fans have his buddy pinned. Then the man wrangles his way out of the pin and — BAM — around the :40 mark, he drops the guy who was just on top of him.

We’re not 100% sure who who’s who with the fan allegiances here, sans the Bro in the ‘Cuse basketball jersey. Anyone have any guesses?

Here’s the video via Deadspin: