TaylorMade Just Debuted Their New M1 Driver For 2016

TaylorMade Golf, a company that is notorious for dropping tons of equipment every year, just released their 2016 offerings and they are, to say the least, different. Yeah, that’s the word.

After returning to the R-series driver with the R15 for 2015, they’ve once again abandoned that line by launching the M1 driver and fairway metals for 2016. The difference between the M1 and the R15? For one, look at the head. Go on, take a look.


The reason for the black carbon fiber crown is to reduce the overall weight of the club and to appeal to big fans of the Yin and Yang sign.



If making a driver that looked like the Yin and Yang sign was their intent then, well, mission very much accomplished.

Secondly, the M1 has two separate sliding weight systems. These not only allow a 15-gram weight adjustment from heel to toe to promote a draw or fade, but also allow the player to move a 10-gram weight from the front to the back of the club, which will affect height of your shots. Of course, none of that matters if you top the living shit out of the ball, but you’re a fantastic ball striker so this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Now that TaylorMade has dropped what the M1 has in store, they also dropped the price on their R15 by about 30%. If you can’t wait till the M1 is released in October or you hate the multicolored head, try out the R15. Like many of you, I am a fan of all black drivers and highly recommend it, especially at a price under $300.

Here’s how TaylorMade’s tour pros reacted to the M1