Vikings’ Medical Staff May Have Saved Teddy Bridgewater From Losing His Leg, Plus Listen To The 911 Call

When news came out that Viking quarterback Teddy Bridgewater suffered a non-contact injury that required him to be taken away in a ambulance that was a sure sign that it wasn’t good.

Normally, if it’s a torn ACL or MCL or something along those lines the player can be helped off the field and make his way back to the medical facilities on site. So the fact that an ambulance was involved and players were reportedly very distraught after the injury meant things were very serious.

Turns out that Bridgewater’s injury, now diagnosed as a torn ACL and dislocated knee, could have even been worse had it not been for the quick and effective action taken by the Vikings’ training staff.

As you can hear from the 911 call below and those tweets above it’s now very apparent that Bridgewater is in for a very long road to recovery.


H/T Larry Brown Sports