Tennessee’s Cocky ‘Home Run Fur Coat’ Is Why College Baseball Is More Fun Than The MLB

University of Tennessee Athletics

College baseball is all about having fun. Wins and losses are a dime a dozen, but memories last a lifetime— or something like that idk.

The bottom line is that college baseball is about the passion, the pom, and the circumstance. Despite what Arkansas’ fun-hating head coach Dave Van Horn says, college athletes should be able to enjoy what they do, celebrate however they think is the the most fun and express themselves in whatever way they choose.

Tennessee baseball is doing exactly that and it is awesome.

The Volunteers are coming off of a breakout season that reinvigorated the fanbase and led them to be legitimate title contenders in 2022. They play with a lot of swagger and just a little bit of cockiness— which is the best way to play.

Although Virginia Tech’s ‘Home Run Hammer’ is the best prop in college baseball, Tennessee has the cockiest prop in college baseball. It is so much fun and fun is good!

After a player hits a home run, he heads back to the dugout to celebrate with his team. On his way down the stairs, he is greeted by his teammates, a fur coat with a cheetah/leopard print and a hat that says ‘daddy.’

It is tremendous.

The Vols blasted four home runs in their 9-0 season-opening win over Georgia Southern so the fur coat was out early and often.

This prop will undoubtedly rattle some feathers throughout the season — particular Van Horn’s — but Tennessee knows that and embraces the haters. At the end of the day, these are 18 to 22(ish)-year-olds who are playing a game. If they aren’t having a good time doing what they love, what’s the point?