Tennessee Football Fan Posts Creepy, Detailed Craigslist Ad Looking For A Female To Accompany Him To Games

Tennessee Fan Posts Craigslist Ad Looking For A Female To Go To Games

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The wait is almost over, people. College football is almost back! The first FBS game of the 2019 season, Florida vs. Miami, kicks off this coming Saturday, August 24 at 7 p.m. EST in Orlando on ESPN.

Which means that it is also time for college football fans to do all sorts of weird sh*t in support of their schools.

One fan of the Tennessee Volunteers, who just happens to be the proud owner of two season tickets, no longer has his girlfriend to drag along to games with him because, well, she broke up with him. (Keep reading and you might understand how this could happen.)

So, being the enterprising fellow that he so obviously is, this Vols fan took to Craigslist in an effort to find a new female companion to go to Tennessee football games with him.

However, he isn’t looking for just any woman. He has a specific list of guidelines this female companion will need to follow.

Here’s what he wrote. There is a LOT to unpack.

This may seem like a crazy notion, but here it goes…. Female responses only….

My girlfriend broke up with me a couple of weeks ago, so I find myself with an extra ticket to each of the University of Tennessee football games. Not looking for a relationship, merely a lady that would be interested in accompanying me to a game or two.

The group that I tailgate with are all couples (ages 40-60s).

Must behave in a respectable manner (no drunks, no drugs, no vulgarity).

Got that? No relationship. No behavior normally seen at a college football tailgate.

Must be willing to tailgate for most of the day/evening. I have 1 and only 1 parking pass. I arrive early and stay late.

Plan on a 6-8 hr day.

Requiring an up to 8-hour committment is certainly going to whittle the pool of available women down a bit.

You must be a VOLS fan. Sorry but I am not wanting to sit beside a Gator, Dawg, Cat or Dore.

If you have favorite tailgate dishes you wish to share, bonus points.

Because, you know, women love to cook tasty dishes for tailgates.

I’m open to having different person each game, or if we are mutually compatible then maybe most or all games to the same person.

But he is NOT looking for a relationship. Got it?!

Ask that you be willing to pay face value of the ticket. That applies for both Georgia and Georgia State. You can’t lowball the best games and expect the lesser games to be near free.

That’s right. Not only do lucky ladies get to hang out with him for up to eight hours on game day, and maybe cook a dish or two, they also have to pay him FACE VALUE of the ticket. How is this guy not married yet?

Would like to chat and meet prior to any specific game.

Just don’t expect a relationship!

Tell me why I should pick you?

Tell us why any woman would pick you?!

I would LOVE to see the responses women gave to this ad.

Because the responses to the ad on Twitter were pure gold.


[Saturday Down South]

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