Tennessee Titans Players Were Angry With Tom Brady’s Hype Video And Kyle Van Noy’s ‘Revenge Tour’ Trash Talk

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The New England Patriots gave the Tennessee Titans plenty of bulletin board material before their playoff game and Titans players were more than happy to throw it back in their faces after winning.

Before Saturday nights Pats-Titans game, Tom Brady released an absurd hype video called “It’s too late to be scared,” that featured clips of lions along with footage of the Patriots’ game highlights while a voice-over by Christopher Walken from his monologue in the movie “Poolhall Junkies,” ran in the background.

Pats linebacker Kyle Van Noy also did some trash talking when he said the Patriots were going on a revenge tour to beat teams they have lost to in the past year and the Titans were the first team on the list.

Mike Vrabel used Brady’s hype video and Van Noy’s trash talk as bulletin board material to rile up his players and it seems like it worked.

Van Noy’s revenge tour talk pissed off Titans CB Logan Ryan who went off after beating the Patriots on Saturday.

“That organization has so much class,” “So like, my guy Kyle Van Noy calling it a revenge tour … just play ball, Kyle. Like, you know, I’m sure you’re gonna see this. But he’s one of the hyenas. He’s on a revenge tour. ‘Why not start with the Titans?’ Honestly, he’s gonna ride the wave of the Patriots, but Tom Brady doesn’t do that. Julian Edelman doesn’t do that. Devin McCourty, Gilly Lock [Stephon Gilmore] don’t do that. And Kyle Van Noy’s running his mouth, giving us bulletin-board material about his revenge tour. His revenge tour ended early

Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan went on to edit Brady’s hype video to include highlights of the Titans beating down the Patriots with the caption “You wanted hyenas you got fucking hyenas. #ForTheBoys! #NoBadDays”.