Fans Worried About Teofimo Lopez After He Has Emotional Breakdown While Arguing With His Father During ESPN Interview Before His Fight

Teofimo Lopez during interview


Teofimo Lopez Jr. is going through a lot of drama ahead of his fight against Josh Taylor on Saturday night.

Teofimo has found himself in hot water for various comments before his fight against Taylor.

In an interview with Punsh Drunk Boxing he accused ESPN/ Top Rank of giving black fighters preferential treatment “if they want the Black fighters, they can keep them.”

The 25-year-old former boxing champion was confronted about his comments during an on-air interview with ESPN’s Mark Kriegel and this is how he responded.

“It’s just a bias, part of what I’m seeing in our field,. “Because it just seems like there’s certain ones favoritizing others … I believe the commentators that are on the stand of ESPN are a bit biased to certain fighters.”

During the interview Teofimo’s dad and trainer Teofimo Lopez Sr. tried to intervene which led to an emotional argument between the two.

The boxer would later turn to Kriegel and tell him that he’s been dealing with a ton of stuff outside of the ring.

“This is something that I’ve been dealing with for awhile, my family is in fear of everything I speak out, you know how frustrating that is”

“You have not a clue of what I’ve seen, what I’ve gone through, and I’m continuing to walk through, none of ya’ll

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