Watch 44-Year-Old Terrell Owens Run A 4.43 40-Yard-Dash

Terrell Owens Declines Invitation Hall Fame Induction Ceremony

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At 44 years old, Terrell Owens is still a physical specimen. And although his football career in the NFL has been over since 2010, the man seems to really want one last shot at glory. If this video that came out yesterday of Owens running the 40-yard-dash in 4.4 seconds is any indication, his thoughts of making it back to the league might not be that unrealistic.

Just look at this run from a recent workout with Julio Jones

Speed is a major factor in the NFL, but it isn’t the only factor. Wide Receivers need to be able to do more than just run the old “All Streaks” pattern. They also need to be durable enough to go over the middle. Does a 44-year-old body have that kind of durability? T.O.’s just might.

And, let’s not forget about his productivity in 2010, which was his last year in the league. He caught 72 passes (9 were touchdowns) and he amassed almost 1,000 yards. Not exactly the numbers of a guy who “lost a step.” However, that was 8 years ago, and that is a long time to be out of football.

If this comeback doesn’t pan out, Owens should become a full-time strength and conditioning coach for young receivers. Dude clearly knows how to keep himself in peak physical condition.

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