Texas Weatherman Absolutely Destroys Longhorns Fans Hopes With Savage Report Ahead Alabama Game

Texas Weatherman Destroys Longhorns Fans Hopes With Savage Report

Getty Image / Tim Warner

All eyes are on the Texas Longhorns right now as they’re set to play the Alabama Crimson Tide in Week 1 of the college football season. It should be a great game, as both programs are stacked with talent. However, a Texas weatherman woke up and chose violence on Thursday morning as he delivered the most savage weather report of all time.

Weatherman Destroys Texas With Savage Report

Avery Tomasco, a weatherman who works in Austin, Texas, tweeted out a weather report ahead of the Longhorns’ matchup against Alabama. However, rather than reporting the real weather, this man roasted the football team instead.

Sheesh. Imagine being a Longhorns fan, sipping your early morning coffee, and getting ready for the day. You hit up Twitter and look up the weather report for the city of Austin AND THEN YOU SEE THIS. How many Texas fans do you think spit out their coffee? You’d think a local weatherman would be supportive of the home team. But it turns out that Avery Tomasco went to school at Texas A&M.

Now it all makes sense. Regardless, Texas fans aren’t too pleased about the whole thing. We find it hilarious, as many see Alabama as an unbeatable juggernaut. So might as well keep adding fuel to that fire. What might be more funny though, are the Longhorns fans responding to that weather report.

Professionalism? Never heard of her.

To this guy’s credit, it was pretty early in the morning.

At least some Longhorns fans have a sense of humor.

At the end of the day, we just it’ll be a good contest. Make this a close game, please!

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