Texas Tech Announcer Gives Greatest Shriek In Football History As Kicker Hits 62-Yard Winner (Video)

Texas Tech 62-yard Field Goal Game Winner Iowa State

Learfield IMG

  • After his team hit a 62-yard field goal to win the game, Texas Tech’s play-by-play announcer went wild.
  • During the call, he unleashed the greatest shriek in the history of the game.
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Texas Tech beat Iowa State in walk-off fashion on Saturday night and it was truly remarkable. Red Raiders kicker Jonathan Garibay nailed a 62-yard (!!) field goal as time expired to give his time a 41-38 win over the Cyclones.

While the kick itself was incredible, the home broadcast radio call was even better.

If you have not seen it yet, here is the kick:

While ESPN’s Beth Mowins was certainly excited, her call doesn’t come close to the pure elation from Texas Tech’s Learfield IMG play-by-play man Brian Jensen. He goes absolutely berserk when the kick goes through the uprights and provides the greatest “WOOOOOOOO!” shriek in the history of broadcasting.

“Welp, here it goes. Tied at 38, three seconds to go, 62-yard try. Garibay has his foot into it… it may be long enough. It is… GOOD! IT IS GOOD! IT IS GOOD! JONATHAN GARIBAY HAS WON THE GAME WITH A 62-YARD FIELD GOAL! OH MY GOD, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! WOOOOOOOOO! YEAH, BABY! OH MY! WOW! OH! WOW!”

Take a listen:

While Jensen’s call might sound exciting, it looks even more so. He could not contain himself in the booth as the kick went between the uprights.

The 62-yard kick is the longest in college football this season and it provided us with not only one of the best finishes of the year, but one of the greatest radio calls of all-time. God bless Jensen and god bless college football.