Fans React To Texas Tech Being Voted The Best Fanbase In College Football

Fans React To Texas Tech Being Voted The Best Fanbase In College Football

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After tens of thousands of votes, Fox has officially crowned Texas Tech Red Raiders fans the best fanbase in all of college football.

Beginning on August 1, Fox College Football Twitter put 64 college football teams into a bracket, seeded by the number of Twitter followers each program had.

Along the way there were more than a few upsets.

In the first round, 13th seed Cincinnati beat 4th seed Arkansas, number 13 seed Kansas State upset number 4 seed Auburn, 5 seed Texas lost to 12 seed Houston, 13th seed Boise State took down 4th seed South Carolina, and 11th seed Texas Tech beat 6th seed Texas A&M.

That last upset was apparently a sign of things to come.

In the second round of voting, 8th seed Virginia Tech took down top seed Alabama. 13th seed Cincinnati continued its roll moving past 5th seeded Wisconsin. 10th seeded Iowa State also scored another upset over number 2 seed Notre Dame. 9th seed Oklahoma State upset top seed Michigan. 13th seeded Kansas State took down another higher seed, number 5 Nebraska. Other significant upsets included Utah over Georgia, Houston over Florida, West Virginia over Tennessee, Baylor over Clemson, Boise State over Oregon, and Texas Tech over Florida State.

In the Sweet 16, Cincinnati continued on with yet another upset, this time over Virginia Tech. Iowa State scored another upset in defeating Ohio State. Houston kept going by beating higher seeded Utah. West Virginia upset Michigan State, and Texas Tech moved on over 2nd seeded LSU.

The Elite 8 saw just one upset with Texas Tech moving on past Oklahoma State, leaving the Final Four with the Red Raiders vs. Iowa State and West Virginia vs. Oklahoma.

When all was said and done, Texas Tech received 51.7% of the vote over Oklahoma in the Championship.

Does Texas Tech really have the Best Fanbase In College Football?

Over 82,000 votes and five straight wins can’t be wrong, can it?

Texas Tech fans are pretty rabid. As Matthew Conner of Wreck ‘Em Red, explained following the win, “Earlier this summer, Tech fans took over Twitter by posting thousands of cactus emojis in response to a TCU football assistant coach derogatorily referring to Lubbock as being in the desert on Twitter. Tech fans even had a batch of cacti delivered to the TCU football offices in response to the remarks.”

That’s pretty insane.

Naturally, not everyone agreed with the outcome of the vote.

Many fans, especially those in Oklahoma, thought Texas Tech only won because so many fans voted against the Sooners.

Fans of other big schools who got upset earlier in the bracket also felt that way.

College football fans may not agree (what else is new?), but Red Raiders fans will always be able to call “scoreboard” “billboard” in any argument this year.

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