The Detroit Lions Somehow Still Have A Chance To Make The Playoffs

The Detroit Lions Somehow Still Have A Chance To Make The Playoffs

Getty Image / Leon Halip

  • The Detroit Lions have the worst record in the NFL at 0-10-1
  • It turns out there is still a scenario where they can make the playoffs
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Earlier this week, people were pointing toward the Washington Football Team moving into a playoff spot after their most recent win as evidence that the NFC is a mess right now. It certainly was shocking to see the 5-6 WFT in a playoff spot after a 2-6 start led by their backup quarterback.

Today, the NFLon CBS Twitter account presented us with an even more unbelievable playoff scenario.

That’s right. In week 13 of the NFL season, there is still a path to the playoffs for a winless Detroit Lions squad. It’s incredible to look at. Even as I stare at this mosaic of hypothetical game results, I’m struggling to accept the idea that the 0-10-1 Detroit Lions could still make the playoffs.

The list of outcomes needed for this miracle to occur is quite impressive to look at and includes quite a few interesting necessary results. First of all, the Lions would need to win each of their next 6 games. That’s a tall task to begin with for a team that has yet to win any games and is responsible for the NFL’s worst play so far this year.

They also need the 49ers to lose all 6 of their remaining games.They need the aforementioned Football Team to lose 5 of their remaining 6, only winning their week 17 matchup against the Eagles. They need the Vikings to lose their next 5 and then beat the Bears in week 18.

Perhaps more unlikely than any of those 3 requirements, they need the Jets and Dolphins to both pick up wins over the Taysom Hill led New Orleans Saints.

The path to the playoffs will actually begin tonight for the Lions as they have to root for the Cowboys to beat the Saints on Thursday Night Football.

It may not be the most likely path, but it would be fun to see the Lions pull off a miracle to sneak into the playoffs in a year where many expected them to go 0-18.