The Nets Are Hosting The Hawks And Not One Person In Brooklyn Gives A Shit

Seriously, is there a basketball game being played at the Barclays Center tonight? There are official box scores and highlights that certainly indicate the Nets and Hawks are throwing basketballs into the air, but you’d have a pretty difficult time convincing anyone that it’s actually true. Christ, even the rapidly decaying 49ers are still managing to show some semblance of a pulse in the stands.

Here’s another gem.

Could this just be another “Brooklyn being ironic” thing? Or just a “who gives a shit about the 1-9 Nets” thing? Probably a mix of both. Who knows, maybe the doors are locked.

The true beauty, however, can be found on the twitter page this depressing photo was posted on. The stark contrast between the background and the tweet is outstanding accidental art.

[h/t @NetsDaily]