AND1 Legend The Professor Goes To Prison To Destroy The Ankles Of Inmates Doing Hard Time

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For every white guy growing up in the early 2000s who had big dreams of basketball stardom, Grayson “The Professor” Boucher was a baaaad dude. At just 5’10”, 155 lbs., the Oregon native got not offers out of high school and very little playing time as a walk-on at Chemeketa Community College. Still, he remains one of the formative basketball figures of my adolescence after being discovered at an open run for the AND1 Mixtape Tour.

The rest is history. The 34-year-old has toured the world, has been featured in seven seasons of Streetball on ESPN, five AND1 mixtape DVDs, four AND1 commercials.

Quick sidenote: I had the pleasure of meeting The Professor last year at NBA All-Star Weekend. Could not have been a nicer, more humble guy. Introduced himself as ‘Grayson,’ to which I responded, ‘you mean, Professor Grayson.’ He laughed. I laughed. We’re pretty tight. Invited him to my birthday party. Never showed. 

Anyhoo, The Professor just released a trailer of his first visit to a prison, where he balled against inmates convicted of the gamut of crimes: first degree murder, manslaughter, assaulting a cop, you name it.

Heinous crimes aside, I couldn’t help but feel like The Professor was doing good, giving guys an opportunity who literally have none. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Here’s a clip The Professor posted to his Twitter:

The full version:

And if you need a further refresher on how silky he was on the AND1 Mixtape Tour, check out this highlight reel:

Long like The Professor.

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