The Sixers Did The Most Sixers Thing Ever, Got A Technical Foul For Being So Dumb

Your guess is as good as mine as to what in the hell the Philadelphia 76ers are doing these days. On top of the whole winless start to their season to give fans “hope” and “belief” in the “rebuilding plan” that the front-office is orchestrating—yes, that’s heavy sarcasm—it seems that the players they have on their team have forgotten the basic rules of the sport of basketball.

They showed that tonight when six players, not five, walked out to the court during a game against the Indiana Pacers, which, you know, is sort of against the rules and earned them a tech.

With such a shitty team, maybe the league should allow Philly to play with an extra man on the floor, it might actually help them stay competitive?

[H/T CBS Sports NBA]

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