The St. Louis Cardinals Find That The Best Coffee Runners Are Their Rookies…While In Full Uniform, Of Course


// there’s one thing that we’ve all heard and learned in recent years—especially for those in college—it’s that hazing is very, very bad.

That doesn’t mean that, when done right, it’s not an extremely fun thing to do.

Take, for instance, when sports teams do it to welcome their first-year players, making rookies do ridiculous things like carry pink backpacks, make donut runs or mess with them by filling a player’s entire apartment up with popcorn as a way of welcoming him to the big-time.

Naturally, this is the way of initiating a rook, making sure that, no matter how big or small the hype is surrounding him, that older teammates will keep a guy humble by giving him shit over the course of an entire season, toughening him up a bit.

While, most of this, is done on off-days or prior to practices, the St. Louis Cardinals really upped the ante with a stunt they pulled on their rookies the other day.

Prior to a game against the Chicago Cubs in Wrigley Field, Cards rooks were spotted, in uniform, walking to and from a nearby Starbucks, getting coffee for their older, wiser, clearly more mature, teammates.  


It’s one thing to be in a coffee shop and creep on someone you think might be famous. It’s a whole different story when a famous person walks in all but promoting who they are.

This would be like Clooney walking into Starbucks with an entire film crew following him around, as he wears full makeup and plays his usual, 100 percent bro’d out self, charming up the barista for a little extra cinnamon in that latte of his.

Needless to say, this seems to be becoming a trait for those up in the North Side of Chicago, as the Los Angeles Dodgers pulled the same stunt on their rookies just last month, too. I know that the ‘Bucks have tested out delivery in a few cities, but who knew they were going to hire professional athletes as the delivery boys?