This Is The Nastiest, Most Acrobatic Nutshot You’ll Ever See In An MMA Fight

This is a beautiful and miraculous way to smash someone right in the bollocks.

In case you missed the One Championship 28 – Dynasty of Champions in China that took place on June 20th, don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered with the best highlight from the MMA tournament. 20-year-old flyweight Ze Wu took on Hui Qiang Wu, but only one Wu would win.

Ze pulled off some fucking Matrix shit and did a spinning flip kick which landed directly on Hui’s dick.

Good night my sweet prince.

Probably unnecessary and extremely painful, especially if you’re Hui Qiang Wu or his wife who was hoping to have children in the near future.

Ze scored a second-round submission over Qiang, and went on to win the tournament with a split decision over Yang Jian Bing. Which is nuts.


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