Three New NFL Teams Called Free-Agent Quarterback Derek Carr About Signing

Derek Carr

Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

According to sources around the NFL, free agent quarterback Derek Carr has recently connected with three new teams in addition to the New Orleans Saints and the New York Jets, who have already had meetings with him.

ESPN reporter Jeremy Fowler reported that these three new teams have expressed interest in Carr and have reached out to him.

The New York Jets, who have already had a meeting with Carr, are reportedly excited about the potential of signing him. According to ESPN, the Jets believe that Carr would be an excellent fit for their locker room and would bring a valuable presence to their young and developing team.

While it’s unclear which three teams have recently connected with Carr, it’s clear that his availability on the free agent market has generated significant interest. Several teams are in need of a quarterback and are looking to add a proven leader to their roster.

What Car Brings To The Table

Carr, who spent the last nine seasons with the Las Vegas Raiders, is considered one of the most sought-after free agent quarterbacks this offseason.

The 31-year-old QB has a solid track record in the league, having passed for over 35,000 yards and over 215 touchdowns in his career. He is also known for his leadership qualities and strong work ethic, both on and off the field.

With the NFL offseason in full swing, it will be interesting to see which team ultimately signs Derek Carr. With his impressive skills and leadership qualities, he is sure to make a significant impact wherever he lands.