Huge Mob Of OKC Thunder Fans Lost Their Damn Minds When Carmelo Anthony Landed At Their Airport

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In case you slept through the entire weekend (I wouldn’t blame you) and somehow missed it, there is now a new “superteam” in the National Basketball Association. For you see, the New York Knicks traded 10-time All-Star Carmelo Anthony to the Oklahoma City Thunder in return for Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott and a 2018 second-round pick. (Kanter found out he was traded while live-streaming on the internet. Awkward.)

So this now gives the Thunder Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony, the three All-Stars required to call yourself a “superteam.”

They will still probably be no match for the Golden State Warriors, but hey, you have to give them an A for effort. Which is exactly what the fans of the Thunder did, and then some, when Anthony landed in their hometown over the weekend. You would have thought that they had already won an NBA Championship. Check it out…

Look, I get it. You live in the 41st largest media market in the United States behind such illustrious cities such as Sacramento, Providence and Milwaukee. So the Thunder really is the focal point of professional sports in your city. But between this reaction to Anthony and the crazy reception that Paul George received when he landed in The City…

I fear for the safety of your citizens if the Thunder ever did actually win an NBA Championship.