Tiger Woods Explains His Mysterious Christmas Alter Ego ‘Mac Daddy Santa’

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A Christmas tradition unlike any other. When Tiger Woods rips off his shirt, bleaches his goatee white, dons a white wig, a black hat, and dark sunglasses. Who could ever forget Tiger as “Mac Daddy Santa,” Tiger’s Xmas alter ego which appears to be an intriguing combination of Santa Claus, Eazy-E from NWA, and Guy Fieri. Last Christmas, we didn’t ask for Tiger Woods’ nipples to be prominently displayed in our Twitter feeds, but there we were, exposed to the shirtless Mac Daddy Santa.

If you thought Mac Daddy Santa was a one and done, you would be incorrect. The golf great revealed that Mac Daddy Santa is a Christmas tradition for his family and made an appearance this holiday, but minus the bleached goatee for a very good reason.

“Every year I become this character, Mac Daddy Santa. The kids absolutely love it,” Woods said in an interview with the PGA Tour and I’m still not buying that anyone loves Mac Daddy Santa’s hairy nipples. “They love when I do something crazy. Last year I burned my face off trying to dye my goatee which is never going to happen again. To me, that’s fun. It provides something our family does every year. Even as they grow older, I’m still going to do it.” Mac Daddy Santa is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

Awesome job by Tiger to do cringy things for his kids and he will continue to do it to embarrass them like a true dad should. However, we really do need to see this year’s version of Mac Daddy Santa. Pics or Mac Daddy Santa didn’t happen.


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