Tiger Woods Helps Amateurs With Their Golf Swings Offering Up Detailed Tips In Insightful Video

tiger woods fixes amateur golf swings video

Getty Image / David Cannon

Sharing your golf swing on social media for the whole world to see is more often than not a bad idea. Unless you’re a stick and have a solid move on the ball, you’re going to get roasted, and usually, the one doing the roasting is your typical weekend warrior that gets excited when they break 90.

Sending a video of your swing for Tiger Woods to pick apart and analyze though? Well, that’s an entirely different story.

Golf Digest asked fans to submit videos of their swing for Woods to critique. It’s certainly a leap of faith to have the GOAT look at your swing, but then again it’s literally priceless to essentially get a virtual lesson from Mr. Woods.

From super young kids to adults, Woods took a look at 15 total swings and took the time to really pinpoint issues and offer his expertise on some quick fixes to fine-tune their game.

You know Woods is going to be serious in his analysis when the first kid in the video can’t even be 10-years-old and he flips that switch into swing analyst as if he’s an aspiring Tour player.

“The only thing I would say is to try to keep his left butt cheek back a little bit more as he does it. There’s nothing wrong with the hip extending and coming up, but the butt has to stay back a little bit. The thrust forward like that, he’s gonna have an upright follow through, which he does, the club’s gonna flip up vertically. That can be a nasty block right or a pretty big flip hook.”

Just a casual day for all 15 of the lucky people picked to have their swings looked at by Woods. I’m going to go ahead and say that everyone that received the tips went straight to the nearest driving range and shut the place down working on whatever Woods told them to work on.


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