Tiger Woods Only Follows Two People On Instagram. Lindsay Vonn Is One. The Other Is This Mystery Chick.

Major hat tip to No Laying Up, the best golf account on Twitter (Follow them. Do it now, goddammit!), for bringing this to everyone’s attention. It appears that Tiger Woods — you remember him, right? — only follows two people on Twitter. One is his girlfriend Lindsay Vonn and the other is Jully Reynals, some chick with 44,000 followers who does god-knows-what for a living.

Why does Tiger Woods follow her? That’s the $100,000 question, friends. Maybe Jully runs Tiger’s social media accounts. Or maybe she is an attractive blonde and we all know attractive (and sometimes not-so-attractive) blondes are Tiger’s weakness. But why only follow one? Why? WHY!?!

I’ve got my eye on you, Tiger, you shifty son of a bitch.

Now that we’re all properly acquainted and up to speed, here’s some Jully for ya.



[H/T No Laying Up]