Tiger Woods Turns Into Funny Guy As He And Jimmy Fallon Find Some Buried Treasure

by 10 months ago
tiger woods jimmy fallon buried treasure

Getty Image / Ryan Young

It’s always great when we get to see Tiger Woods entertain us without a golf club in his hand. I mean, he’s more entertaining when playing golf than not playing golf, but you get the point.

Woods linked up with Jimmy Fallon at Liberty National, site of the Northern Trust Open this year, for some fun for The Tonight Show.

“It’s Jersey, it’s probably a body” is probably the funniest line of the bit, but hey it’s a Late Night skit with Tiger, they couldn’t get too crazy here.

You do have to love the ending with the Bed Bath and Beyond coupon. I firmly believe they have printed those things since the company was founded and that said printer has never turned off. Every single time you get junk mail, there is a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon in there.

If you’ve ever made a purchase at Bed Bath you can guarantee that the coupons are going to consume your mailbox even more. Nothing against a good deal, but good grief are those things everywhere.

You may have noticed the insane backdrop in the video of Manhattan just behind them when they celebrate the treasure, and yes, that’s real. We had the chance to get out to Liberty National this year to cover the Northern Trust Open and the site lines are absolutely crazy.

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