Welp, Here’s The First (Huge) Side Bet For The Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson Match

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If you’re anything like my ass, you’re pretty stoked about this Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson match on Friday that’s going to cost $19.99 on Pay-Per-View. I don’t even care, though, because, in my opinion, the drama’s going to be well worth it, with two of the most polarizing golfers of the past 20 years hanging out, playing golf, talking a little sh*t and, of course, gambling along the way for their chance at a $9 million purse.

The side bets between Tiger and Phil have been a topic of conversation ever since the event was first announced, as both guys are no stranger to a challenge. While we’ve pointed out a few of the possibilities, we finally got our first official bet between the two — and it’s for a cool $200k

According to FTW.USAToday, the bet started out with Phil Mickelson betting Tiger Woods that he’d birdie the first hole. When Tiger got word of the wager, he didn’t back down, simply saying, “double it.” Big. Dick. Move.

Considering Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have a combined net worth of about $1.1 billion, per Forbes, tossing $200,000 on the first hole seems like it’s nothing more than a fiver for you or I. Still, if this is happening before the two tee off, it only makes me even more pumped to watch how this PPV event goes while stuffing my face with leftover Thanksgiving grub and sipping bourbon.

(H/T FTW.USAToday)

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