Tiger Woods Plans To Withdraw From The Safeway Open

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Goddamn you, Tiger. You have to stop toying with my emotions. All of our emotions, really.

Per Golf Digest:

Golf Digest’s Tim Rosaforte first reported the news on Golf Channel.

According to Woods’ confidante Notah Begay III, Woods, who underwent two back surgeries last year, is physically healthy, but concerns about his short game were enough to force him to postpone a return.

“His game wasn’t where he wanted it to be,” Begay said on Golf Channel.

“The last thing that comes into play that anyone who’s been hurt knows is the acute very precise golf shots,” Begay said. “Obviously it’s not where he wants it to be. It’s nothing to be concerned around. It’s going to come. It’s just trying to find the right tournament to return to.”

Well this sucks. But if Tiger Woods is going to come back, I think we all want him to be Tiger Woods and not the yips-having, non-glute-activating shell of himself that we saw last year. That version of Tiger Woods was the worst and I would rather see him walk away from the game than take a victory lap of suck one last time.