Tim Tebow Revealed What He Thinks About Vince McMahon Saying He’s Welcome To Play In The XFL

by 1 year ago
Tim Tebow Responds Vince McMahon XFL

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When Vince McMahon made the announcement that he was bringing back the XFL one of the first things fans did was start guessing which football players not currently in the NFL would be fun to see play in McMahon’s league.

The first name pretty much everyone came up with, including McMahon and JFF himself, was Johnny Manziel.

The next name to pop into most people’s heads was, of course, Tim Tebow. He’s still only 30-years-old and obviously still thinks he is an elite athlete since he’s headed back to Spring Training with the Mets, so why not?

Tim Tebow Mets

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McMahon was, again, also thinking along those lines.

However, when Tebow was first asked about it he didn’t seem too keen on the idea.

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